Grow Your Business With a HungryWeb site

What is HungryWeb?

HungryWeb is our Premium WordPress website design service.

We blend gorgeous design with results driven marketing strategies to create online assets that bring you more customers and builds your online authority as a food industry leader. With HungryWeb, your website isn’t just a pretty face. It’s a sales machine.


What’s Great about HungryWeb

  • Custom designs by Australian team.
  • Designed to get you more customers.
  • Powered by cutting edge tech.
  • SEO Optimized and Search Engine ready.
  • 100% Mobile and Tablet Responsive

The 4 Principles of HungryWeb

1. Custom Designs

All of our websites are custom built to order. When you order a HungryWeb site, we create your site from scratch, tailored to your brand and business needs.

2. Modern Tech 

Our sites use cutting edge user-friendly platforms and themes.  HungryWeb sites have the flexibility to change and grow with your business.

3. Results Focused

We build your website with your specific business goals in mind. We tailor your website’s design and content to get you the results you need to grow your business.

4. Search Ready

We set up your webites entire backend to ensure Google (and your customers) know where to find you from day one and many years to come.

The HungryWeb Service Explained

1. Custom Designed

Our websites are custom built by experienced designers.

The first thing we do when we start a website contract is sit down with our design and development team to brainstorm how we can best present your company to your customers in alignment with your branding and business culture.

Without this fundamental first step, your business would be making Frankensteins monster, a sewed together mishmash with a poor end user experience.

Once conceptualized, we create your HungryWeb site from the ground up, built specifically with your style and voice in mind.

2. Modern Tech

Our sites are built using cutting edge user-friendly platforms.

We use a theme called Divi which is trusted over 400,000 of the best website developers around the world and constantly evolves with technology advances.

It’s also really simple to use:

Lots of people like to have the freedom to make changes to their websites themselves in a pinch. Divi makes that easy to do.

We’re happy to show around in the backend. But…

If you’d rather leave future changes to us, that’s cool too.

3. Results Focused

Our sites are designed to grow your business.

Our HungryWeb sites are designed with one purpose in mind: To get you more business. Period.

We continuously research the latest proven marketing techniques and strategies used by the most successful digital marketers and big tech companies around the world. We implement what we find

We implement these tactics in your site, giving you the same marketing power used by big multimillion dollar companies. 

Our HungryWeb sites are business assets that help you grow your business.

4. Search Ready

Our sites are optimized for important search engines to find them.

Before we hand over your brand-new custom designed website, we make sure it’s ready to be found.

We take care of all the SEO steps needed to make your website found by today’s search giants.

This ensures your site ticks all the boxes and dots all the i‘s the Google giant likes to see to get you in front of your customers.

 HungryWeb Packages

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the site, even after alterations, we will take it down and refund you.


  •  3-4 Page Website
  • Custom Design from Scratch
  • 500 Words Copywriting Assistance
  • Pages: Home, About Us, Menu, Catering, Contact Us
  • Onsite SEO:  Your site = Google Ready
  • Up to 5 Stock Images & Icons Included


  • Up to 10 Page Premium Website + HungrySEO Enterprise Pack ($1,297 added Value)
  • Up to 10 Page Premium VIP Website 
  • Submission to 90 Local Directory Authority Sites
  • Up to 1,500 Words Copywriting Assistance
  • 1 Year FREE Super Fast Hosting.
  • Onsite SEO: Your site = Google Ready
  • Up to 15 Stock Images & Icons Included
  • Full Website SEO Audit

We can take care of everything for you.

We provide hosting, site maintenance (our team at your service), regular backups and security from online hacks and threats.


  •  Super Fast SSD Hard Disks (up to 20x faster)
  • Data Centers Around the World
  • Own CPanel & Login in your Control
  • Great for up to 10,000 visitors per month.
  • 1 Months FREE when paid yearly.
  • *Need more? Ask about Premium Hosting

Serviced & Secure

  • Our Basic Hosting Plan Plus: 
  • Maintained & Optimized
  • (Keeping your site clean and quick.)
  • Protection & Security:
  • World-Class Protection Software that stops malicious hacks, angry bots, and spammers.
  • Website Backup Assurance
  • Regular backups to the Google Cloud ensuring your site is easily restored in case of disaster.

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